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Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation is one of the largest schools of Kunming University of Science and Technology.It has the department of Computer Science,the department of Automatic Engineering,the department of Telecommunication Engineering,the department of Biomedical Engineering,the center of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,and the Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of Computer Application Technology.The school has 2156 full-time undergraduate students,742 full-time Master of Science students,193 part-time Master of Engineering students,and 10 Ph.D. candidates.The school has more than 230 faculties, who have very good academic background and engineering experiences.Among them,there are 35 professors,80 associate professors.More than 50 faculties have Ph.D. degrees and more than 100 faculties have M.S. degrees.

Since 1984,the school has been providing 5 Master of Science Programs in the first level disciplines,16 Master of Science Programs in the second level disciplines,and 5 Master of Engineering Programs.The 5 Master Programs in the first level disciplines are Computer Science and Technology,Control science and Engineering,Software Engineering,Information and Telecommunication Engineering,Electronic Science and technology.The 16 Master Programs in the second level disciplines are Computer application technologies,Computer software and theory,Computer architecture,Control theory and control engineering, Detection technologies and automatic equipments,Pattern recognition and intelligent system,System engineering,Navigation guidance and control, Measuring and testing technologies and instruments,Telecommunication and information system,Signal and information processing,Circuits and systems, Software engineering,Medical information technology, Metallurgical Control Engineering,and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).The 5 Master of Engineering Programs are Control engineering, Telecommunication Engineering,Computer technologies,Instrumentation engineering,and Software Engineering.

Since 2011,the school has been providing 2 the second level discipline Ph.D. programs.They are Metallurgical Control Engineering and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).In 2011,the department of Computer Science and technologies acquired provincial supports to prepare for building a Ph.D. program in the twelfth 5 year plan.The school has the Yunnan Province Key Lab of computer application technologies,the KUST Key Lab of intelligent information processing,and a university innovation team for trusted computing.The school has 3 KUST-level innovation teams and 4 KUST-level research area teams.The school has been consistently building streamlined research platform for its research teams.

In recent years,the school has made many research achievements.More than 20 grants have been acquired from National Natural Science Foundation of China,more than 500 academic papers have been published,and more than 200 patents and software copyrights have been authorized.The school has won 1 second prize of the Progress of National Science and Technology Award, 1 first prize of Yunnan Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 6 second prizes of Yunnan Province Science and Technology Progress Award, and many other Provincial and Ministerial level awards.These research results have been widely used and have produced very good social and economic benefits.