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Dean’s welcome


Welcome to the website of Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation, Kunming University of Science & Technology. Here you can find the basic information of the school, especially the information about our recent achievements on education, research, and school developments.
In its 35 years’ history, the school has cultivated more than 20 thousands students, who have spread over nearly every industry in Yunnan Province now. Our students have been making great contributions to the nation’s development and to the success of information industry in Yunnan Province. We are proud of it.
In view of the rapid development of modern society and modern technology, we cannot rest on our past achievements. “Move forward, or you'll fall behind”. This old sayings urge us making progress every day. At the same time, the society and technology development give us many new opportunities. Each of them is a new starting point. All of our faculties and our students are determined to catch each new opportunity by promoting our school’s unique tradition. We will do our best to make more achievements and to build a better school.
In near future, we will focus on the following areas to improve the school’s quality: we will use and promote our unique expertise on applying information technologies to real world problems; we will focus on developing school policies and cultivating talented teams; we will follow our society’s needs and the most recent development of the field in the world; and we will provide a cultivating environment for our faculties and students. In the same time, the school will find ways to unite various fields within the school. We will promote our traditional team spirit and attract well-known scholars to join us. By conducting our education and research in theoretic scientific research and real-world engineering applications, we are cultivating versatile, innovative, and talented students.
From now on, the school will do our best to improve our academic reputation and influences, cultivates innovative students, and satisfies the needs of social progress. We will make more and better contributions to the development of information technologies.