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Motion Control Program in Automation

Students of this program systematically study the integrated control technology and the related theory. Based on control theory, information theory, system theory and by means of computer, electronic technology and intelligent instruments & equipment, students can grasp the basic theory and technology of the information detection, processing, display and control in various system devices. Students could master basic knowledge necessary in this field including circuit analysis, electronic technology, control theory, information processing, PLC programmable logic control technology, the principle of microcomputer and single-chip technology. Students could also have good grasp of the professional knowledge about process automation system, electrical automation system, computer control technology, distributed control system and intelligent control system. Students of this program can be engaged in system analysis, design, development, debugging and maintenance work of automatic control and social economy in various fields of the production, scientific research and national economy.


 Process Control Program in Automation

Students of this program learn the basic theory and knowledge about electricity, control theory, computer control technology, automatic detection technology, process control system & device technology, distributed control system technology, network technology, the embedded system technology and so on. Students could grasp courses of circuit & electronic technique, computer control & application, PLC programmable technology and microcomputer & single-chip technology in this direction area. Students could also have the professional knowledge about sensor & testing technology, industrial process control system design, embedded technology and information processing, and the ability of information detection, processing, display and control in system devices. Students of this program have the basic abilities and skills of design, development and engineering application in the professional Measurement control system and process control system, and the basic skills of selection, configuration, improvement, maintenance in Measurement instrumentation and automatic control equipment of the production process.


Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument

The aim of the program is to cultivate students to have abilities about modern measurement & control technology application and experimental study which combine the knowledge of light, machine, electricity and computer,and cultivate students to master this professional field’s technology theory and design method, and have a stronger ability to solve the engineering problems. After training, students can be engaged in the preliminary design, application study or engineering management of the sensor technology, measurement & control network system technology, production process automatic control system and the hardware & software of intelligent instrument in the field of measurement and control.


Computer Science and Technology

(Provincial characteristic program)

The computer department has become one of important talent training bases and scientific research bases of information technology field in Yunnan province. This program is the earliest built program of computer science and technology in Yunnan Province. The undergraduate students of this program studies the courses such as principles of computer organization, data structure, computer network, operating system, software engineering, embedded system design etc. This spatiality strives to train the application-oriented talents with solid foundation, wide knowledge, high-quality, innovative spirit and high practical ability. Graduates can master both basic theory and application skills for computer hardware and software. They can engage in computer applying, teaching and research, system development of hardware / software / network, computer management and maintenance and other works in related fields at state organs, scientific research institutes, educational system, enterprises and institutions, industry management department etc.


Internet of things engineering

This program of our department is the earliest Internet of things (IOT) engineering program approved by the ministry of education in Yunnan Province. The undergraduate students of this program studies the courses such as Introduction of Internet of Things, principle of sensor, embedded systems design, the principle of wireless communication, wireless sensor networks, the Internet of Things networking technology etc. This spatiality is oriented to engineering design. Through the reasonable setting of teaching and the effective guiding of practice, this spatiality strives to train senior engineering talents with solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, good engineering skills, high-quality, innovative spirit and high practical ability. Graduates can systematically master the basic theory, methodology and related skills in the field of IOT engineering. They would also have broad expertise in the field of information communication technology, network technology, sensor technology. Graduates can engage in the planning, design, development, management, maintenance, system integration and so on works in enterprises, institutions or state organs of the field of minerals, electricity, bio, tobacco, chemical, energy, non-ferrous metals, transportation, tourism and other business related to IOT.


Telecommunication Engineering

 This program trains senior engineers and technical personnel who are able to adapt to the fast development of modern electronic communication technologies. Students will get solid theory training and broad engineering training. After graduation, they will be able to solve practical engineering problems and be able to engage in the research, design, development, application, and maintenance of communication engineering and computer network system. The graduates are suitable for communication engineering, electronic engineering, computer communication, intelligent control and other related engineering field, particularly suitable in various sectors of the national economy, national defense, enterprises and telecommunications and electronic engineering high-tech enterprise.


Biomedical engineering

This program uses electronic technology, computer information technology, and biomedical related theoretical knowledge as its foundation. It focuses on training senior engineers and technical personnel, who will have interdisciplinary abilities on information science and biomedical science. Students will be able to do research in the field of biomedical bioinformatics, medical information technology and medical image processing. And students will be able to do medical instruments development, product development, large medical equipment operation and maintenance management, etc. They will be able to work in the medical and health industry, information industry, electronic technology, and computer technology.